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Robert’s Men Suits & Custom Tailoring has been in business for 40 years now and is proud to have been able to serve our community for as long as we have. We are very fortunate to have been able to have the success we have had and to have become the reputable suit store that we are today. 

We really appreciate all of our customers that have chose to do business with us and are one of the main reasons we have developed the reputation we have. 
We are extremely proud to offer the products that we have. From our slim fitting suits to our many accessories, everything featured in our story is of great quality and we are very pleased with being able to provide these top quality products at the affordable prices that we have. 
Our staff is a very professional bunch who really know their stuff when it comes to men’s suits. When seeking our help, you will always be getting reliable, expert opinions from people you can trust. And they are all very friendly and personable which our customers always appreciate when shopping with us. They do a great job of making out store a favorable shopping environment. 
We also appreciate all of our tailors whose skills have brought us a lot of service and have allowed us to receive a lot of positive reviews based on the work they have done. These are a great group of professional who people love working with. 
The next time you are considering places to purchase your next suit in San Diego, CA, look no further than Robert’s Men Suits & Custom Tailoring. 

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